Better Than I Use To - LIVE RVATrack

RVATRACK16 - Illiterate Light "Better Than I used To" Audio By Scott Lane Video by Daniel Bagbey, Gabrielle Silvers and Scott Lane. Grip and Photography by Joey Wharton. RVATRACK 2018.

In The Ground - Live, The Camel

In The Ground (Scene Life) by Illiterate Light @ The Camel in Richmond VA on December 29th, 2016.

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Integration is the foundation of Virginia rock duo Illiterate Light as their lives float between postmodern confusion and vibrant optimism. While the duo’s search for meaning and depth drives a hunger for experimentation, their uniqueness is a result of limitation and restriction. Jeff Gorman elevates his gritty guitar melodies and honest lyricism by stomping out thunderous synth bass with his feet as Jake Cochran layers lush vocal harmony and explodes with body convulsing energy around his minimal standing drum kit. 

Spanning the better part of a decade, the creative evolution between Gorman and Cochran is far from typical. Starting with a chance meeting as the rhythm section for a pop singer-songwriter, the duo has since run an organic farm in the Shenandoah Valley, toured the mid-Atlantic by bicycle with several acoustic bands, and pursued alternative education in permaculture and contemplation. Their eclectic background is mirrored in their songwriting and lyricism; from non-duality to social justice to millennial dating norms, nothing is off limits. Though shaped by the diverse music and friendly nature of their hometown, Harrisonburg, VA, the duo has grown immensely through immersion in the thriving alternative scenes in both Richmond VA and Nashville TN.

Live Show Review:

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