Ego Flora


Life continues to deepen. Something distinctly new and yet primordially ancient is emerging in human kind and the universe. Some want to regress back to their comfortable & narcissistic womb. Many want to move forward. Political chaos, racial injustice, ecological degradation, the 1%, high-tech low-consciousness, and a general irritability and anxious impatience plague the day (to name a few). Yet in our culture both the problem and answer always seem to be “out there.” Technology will save us, pie-in-the-sky God will save us, liberal progressive politics will save us, punk rock will save us, community will save us, atheism will save us, the economy + jobs will save us, my significant other will save me. 

Ego Flora as a concept is naming and knowing what it is that is growing inside ourselves…not a dismissal of the externals but a desire to hold it together with the internals. “Who am I becoming? Am I actively engaging with my existence as a human being? What actually is love? Why do my subconscious motivations drive me into the damn gutter on a regular basis? Why do some people change and others don’t?” 

Ego Flora I’s consistency comes from it's constant curveball; each song has major differences to the one before but with the same voice and a similar sonic palate. Lyrically, each song has it's own internal struggle: longing; need for purpose; cultural isolation; upward mobility and classism; and post-education angst. But the album as a whole reflects on the process of relationship, whether to a lover, a friend, or the culture which we find ourselves a part of. It ends without clear lyrical resolve, mirroring the often hazy landing place of an intimate relationship, but it is also somehow more sure of itself through the process, more clear than where it started with new questions to ask.



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